#423 So…LAGOM

Lagom is the Swedish word for just right. Not to much not to little. LAGOM

At the moment of writing this, I am incredibly stressed, managing calls from Charlotte and from Heloise and replying to texts from Anne who are all wishing to discuss flights. I am trying to keep calm and yet there are lots of kids shouting outside, accacerbating the problem. Instead of reacting to my situation, I’m trying very hard to take a step back in real time and understand why I am feeling how I am feeling and then finding solutions to the problems. The reality of the situation is never ever as bad as it seems when they are considered as thoughts in my head. 

The late nights with the children, getting up early as I do to complete all my exercises and personal tasks, coupled with the long walk around the park in humid conditions. All contribute to how I’m feeling right now.

I listened to a podcast earlier interestingly that was around stress relief. And in times of trouble, I should ask myself three questions. Question 1, how serious is this really? Question 2 what is essential here? Question 3 how can I let it be easy? And suddenly I made it easier by letting Charlotte know that she can call me later, letting Heloise know the flight times that I found and asked her to look into it and now I’m concentrating on writing my blog Post with the window shut so the noise of the kids is reduced. That is how I can let it be easy! And of course, it is not as serious as I’m making it out to be in my head. This method quickly reduces anxiety and brings back a smile on my face.

I have had a wonderful weekend seeing the kids together. We all got on remarkably well despite curveballs like fire alarms being set off, all sent to knock us off our straight and narrow path. By taking deep breaths and remaining calm in the face of adversity, I was able to keep calm and therefore the kids were able to respond to that by being their normal selves. I really treasure the moments alone with each of them. Heloise and I watching a romantic comedy on Netflix and helping Orlando learn how to shave for the first time. Filling me with lots of pride and love all at the same time.

I interspersed the time with the kids with going swimming on Saturday and walking right around the park on Sunday. Wonderful therapy but also tiring. I also managed to watch my football team lose the opportunity of winning the Premier League to Manchester City. That is in no way a problem because it was never expected.

Keep reframing the narrative. Be here now! I love both of these mantras. They both allow me to acknowledge the anxiety I am creating for myself and deal with it. In real time.

Finally, I listened to a meditation that summed up my spirit at the moment.

So in the spirit of LAGOM, keeping the balance just right allows me to deal with my concerns and still keep time for what makes me smile and be happy. Nice!

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