#362 So…Sunday Sunday

My favourite view Calmness personified. Beautifully picturesque. The ocean depicting, countless dreams. Scattered sailing boats serenely enjoying their private moments. A pigeon nestles into an opening of the stone wallis while a cormorant is perched on top of rocks, weathering the onrushing waves. Beautiful 🤩. This serenity puts me in a very peaceful state ofContinue reading “#362 So…Sunday Sunday”

#354 So…Time to Slow down

Well it probably is because of the full moon that is expected to show its bright and shiny face tonight. Whatever is the reason, things are changing again. Things are always changing aren’t they? Well it seems to me that they are. But it really isn’t plain sailing. Not a walk in the park. ButContinue reading “#354 So…Time to Slow down”