#398 So…We have Liftoff

Things have been happening to me lately. Positively. It’s like I have given out to so many people and now I am receiving back. In droves. After having my extraordinary and wonderful conversational experience with my doctor, I finally returned home. After cooking wonderful vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese, obviously without the Bournas :-), I am satContinue reading “#398 So…We have Liftoff”

#396 So…Hakuna Matata

Literally “No Worries”. Hakuna matata is actually a phrase in the East African language of Swahili that literally means “no trouble” or “no problems”. But I like the translation of “No Worries” So in the spirit of getting better, focusing on improvement, I have been reading a book called The Source by Dr Tara Swart.Continue reading “#396 So…Hakuna Matata”

#394 So…Pain is Pain but Suffering is Optional

I’m not sure where I heard this saying from, but what a wonderful saying! Everybody has pain one way or another. And by everybody, I mean everybody. Either physical, emotional, or mental, or a combination of all three. I have just searched on the Internet and the actual quote has been attributed to the DalaiContinue reading “#394 So…Pain is Pain but Suffering is Optional”

#397 So…Patience is a Virtue

I received this from a dear friend,Tony H, who had it sent from a friend in the USA. Amazing and wonderfully motivating. Thank you Tony thank you 🙏  There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewedContinue reading “#397 So…Patience is a Virtue”