#357 So…Skyfall

It’s a combination of a set of circumstances. One of our friends in the south, in Antibes, Aidan, he’s having a 50th birthday party 🥳 today and is celebrating it by inviting all his friends and family to a extravaganza with a theme of James Bond. It should be loads of fun and there is even a massive blown up cover over his swimming pool so the kids can keep warm while playing in the pool and around the pool.

I think there are about 30 or 40 couples and 30 or 40 kids. With poker tables, roulette and other James Bond type gambling attractions, coupled with the inevitable shaken not stirred cocktails, I think fun will be had by all.

So why Skyfall? Obviously Skyfall is the name of the fairly recent James Bond film with Daniel Craig. But it is also a play on words with what happened to me yesterday evening. I went shopping in the evening (which I never do) and rather than put half of the things in a rucksack and the other half in a plastic bag that I could carry, I put everything into my rucksack. It included a six pack of 0% beer, a 2litre bottle of Schweppes 0% and other bulky items that all constituted quite a bit of weight on my back. Okay, lots of weight. But manageable. And walking up the steps to the apartment block main door, I paused in mid step. I’m not sure why. I thought about something. Perhaps I was intent on ensuring that I could make the next step. What happened next was almost like being in slow motion. I was in the midst of making that step and the pause when I stopped and with all of the weight on my back, I gently and serenely started falling backwards.

In a normal situation, I would attempt to correct my weight balance and remain on 2 feet. But the extra weight on my back was the problem and with no elements to break my fall, I literally fell backwards and I landed on the rucksack, on my back. There was a loud crack as I landed on the rucksack and the beer bottles hit the pavement. And then one second later, the whiplash on my neck meant that my head hit the pavement. Fortunately no damage done as I am getting used to controlling my fall or reducing my damage limitation by effectively going into slow motion and consciously entering into protecting my body arm and leg and head as much as possible.

Where I fell

Quite bizarrely, the first thought that I had was to protect the beer. Typical English man. I was making quite a lot of noise and as a result a few of the neighbours came out to see if I was okay. All I could think about was the noise I was making. Asking if I was okay, they wanted to call an ambulance and take me to hospital. But I said I was okay and all I was concerned about was in that moment finding my headphones and saving the beer. Bizarre. 🫢

I was a bit in shock as I had literally fallen backwards and down the steps so my head hit the ground with a big bang. But I knew I was okay because I could feel everything. There’s a lot of bruising and pain but I knew nothing was broken or damaged. Spikey Mike has turned into Stubborn Mike as all I was interested in was walking up the stairs to my apartment and not taking the lift. I mean I have never taken the lift in all my time there and was not about to start now. Seriously 😳

Fortunately, both Heloise and Orlando arrived soon after and we had a fun evening. Painful but fun all the same

Rather than Onwards and Upwards Together, it was more like Backwards and Downwards Together 😂

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