#355 So…Chocolate

Well it had to happen. The fall from grace, the slippery slope towards excess. The chocolate binge!

Passionate about chocolate

I went shopping yesterday and in between the aisle of tea and the aisle of biscuits, I was called by an unknown voice to the chocolate aisle. There I have the pleasure of meeting Mr Lindor from Lindt, pictured above.

They seem so innocent and being 70% dark chocolate I thought they would be good for me. Little did I know that following a very appetising healthy vegetarian meal of courgette and soya burger and new potatoes and salad, my attempt at a healthy meal collapsed into oblivion. 

I ate the whole packet while watching six episodes of Netflix. Think I finally went to bed about 1 o’clock and I’ve been paying the price this morning. But in my defence, not that there is any defence to be had, I did space out the time that I ate all these chocolates. Taking four hours to eat 237 g of chocolate is really big but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it kept me company while watching TV. Or did the TV keep me company while eating the chocolate? 🫢😋

The next day, being today, I have carried out all my exercises including my press ups where my right arm bent much more than usual. Which is perhaps the only good news of the day so far. I have called the swimming pool and it’s open so off I go to swim. I’m tired from the walking and the biking yesterday but I have to say the 10 minute cold shower, that I have taken for more than a year now every day, is extremely invigorating, refreshing and leaves me with an inner heat and glow that radiates through the whole of my body.

The fat man has left the building!

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