#395 So…Charlie Mackey

What a lovely man.

“I’m not on one side of the river saying “this is how to get across.” I’m on the same side of the river as everybody else saying “I wonder how we can cross this together.”” said Charlie Mackesy in a recent podcast on Bryony Gordon’s Mad World.

Charlie Mackesy is a British artist, illustrator and the author of
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Very poignant and I completely agree with the message. I am also very focused on achieving results together.Something else he said, was not so much about trusting in the process, but take time and enjoy the process. It is obviously the journey that is important but the key is to enjoy the process, not just to trust in the journey. This is why I like to smile and say “Bonjour, how are you?” to everyone that I pass in the street. Walking around with a smile, is so much more enjoyable than walking around with a grimace. And I am a great believer in what you give out, comes back to you fourfold. And it doesn’t hurt to smile. It costs nothing. And it provides so much pleasure and enjoyment instantly to the receiver, as well as to the giver. Good news all round.

It reminds me of the idea that if you give a smile to 5 people during the day, then they will pass on that smile, laughter, the notion of goodwill to 5 other people. And those 5 pass it on to 5 other people, and then, those 5 pass it on to another 5 people, etc. So it’s a multiplication of happiness, laughter and contentment. You can’t want more than that.

A sample illustration from the book
“What is the best way to be happy?”
“Be kind” said the horse

Be 4 years old. Not 44 years old. Don’t do things for how they look or how they make you look, but more for how they make you feel. What does your gut say? Love is the central element here, and that if you are passionate about something, then just do it and enjoy the process. Don’t worry or obsess about what it looks like. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the passage of time where you are able to love and create your passion, whether it is leisure, work, art or something completely different. However, it manifests itself, it is the journey that is the enjoyment. If you are really loving doing it, then you can screw up the masterpiece at the end and not care about it because you have enjoyed the journey so much.

“Switch off the editor in your head and just have fun for an hour.”

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