#349 So…Hallowe’en

💀👻🎃💀👻🎃💀👻🎃💀👻🎃💀👻🎃 What a day. What an evening.!!! Wonderful Halloween. So many people in states of fancy dress. Shocking, fearful, frightening costumes. Lots and lots of children and teenagers rushing around collecting sweets. It seems that nobody asked for Tricks these days, they all just give Treats. It’s a mad rush and grab at every shopContinue reading “#349 So…Hallowe’en”

#347 So…Change of Scenery

According to the Pattern, which I subscribe to but unfortunately at this moment I don’t remember when or why 🙃. But all the same, I thotoenjoy it and moreover I am inspired by the content. After reading it, I feel unbelievably energised, invigorated and alive. Actually, I think it is all down to having aContinue reading “#347 So…Change of Scenery”

#346 So…A Trip Down Memory Lane

I am in England, at Staddlecombe with Muv and Nige. And I am embarking on a trip down memory lane. I’m looking to rediscover my childhood and with that regain another part of my memory. At this moment, I don’t remember very much and have very sketchy details of my time in Patrixbourne, England. MuvContinue reading “#346 So…A Trip Down Memory Lane”

#345 So…A Totally (Un)Believable Experience

Wow!! WOW!!! 😮 UNBELIEVABLE WOW!!!!!! So what happened? I made an appointment to see a Magnetiser, a friend called Smail, who practices Magnetism. What is Magnetism I hear you ask? Magnetism, and Reiki, which is the brother to Magnetism, are healing methods using the laying on of hands, or rather the use of hands toContinue reading “#345 So…A Totally (Un)Believable Experience”