#341 So…To Heal You Need To Stop Going Back

A very powerful way to start my day. A quote from my morning meditation practice. And it’s something that I am practising every day. I have been practicing for a few years now. In fact some of my former friends, I say former because I liken them to pre-accident rather than post accident, but neverthelessContinue reading “#341 So…To Heal You Need To Stop Going Back”

#337 So…Anxiety before the Calm

What a very weird 24 hours. Actually 48 hours. And it’s amazing with a bit of reflection, how I can gather my splintered emotional life together and progress. Here on the beach of Antibes, there are not very many people now the season is practically over. Just the locals and a few foreign tourists likeContinue reading “#337 So…Anxiety before the Calm”

#334 So…Unconditional Friendship

« The root of true confidence grows from our ability to be in UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDSHIP with ourselves « Jon Kabat-Zinn I’m not quite sure where I heard this or read this quote. But it’s been on my mind for a few days now. This is something that is very close to me and interests meContinue reading “#334 So…Unconditional Friendship”