#384 So…The End of the Beginning

So what a wonderful last day! Sun shining, skies super blue, there’s even a fresh breeze blowing. It’s about as close to paradise as you can get it. And I’m here living it all with Charlotte and the 3 adolescents, Héloïse Orlando and Winton. Wonderful memories! We all had such a wonderful fondue and racletteContinue reading “#384 So…The End of the Beginning”

#383 So…Still Alive Just

The fourth day of the skiing extravaganza, and it was yet another beautiful day with wonderful skies and great snow skiing. I have progressed enormously and I am really enjoying the experience. However, the experience does come with its pitfalls. A couple of times I was very close to falling or just being almost totallyContinue reading “#383 So…Still Alive Just”

#382 So…The Happy Place

Third day of skiing. Still alive. Still smiling massively. It’s such a thrill and so enjoyable and so liberating. Another beautiful day in paradise, and I went skiing again with Jean Baptiste. He is so full of encouragement and fills me with enormous amounts of confidence. And the progress just keeps on progressing. Awesome. ThereContinue reading “#382 So…The Happy Place”

#381 So…Little Steps at a Time

Big time! Day two of the snow experience. I’m still alive very much alive. And smiling as I continue to make progress. I was in total ecstasy yesterday, and following the defeat of France in the World Cup final by Argentina, which I’m very pleased for Messi and his last foray into history books asContinue reading “#381 So…Little Steps at a Time”

#380 So…I believe I can Ski

Unbelievable, amazing, awesome, Reach for the skies, smiling from ear to ear, so happy. These are just some of the emotions that are surging through me at the moment. It really is such an incredibly illuminating and engaging experience. To be able to ski. I am no Franz Klammer, nor Ingemar Stenmark, but it isContinue reading “#380 So…I believe I can Ski”