#426 So…All over the Place part 2

Part two

I went for a walk in nature, right around the park, almost for two hours, and suddenly The pain started to disappear. I could actually feel it diminishing as I walk back to the flat.

I walked down the 50 steps down to the canal with my favourite fountain. And I sat on the bench, manifesting my desire to move my arm as if I was swimming normally. At that moment. Three very big black ravens approached my bench eagerly, waiting for some crumbs to drop from my salmon and avocado baguette sandwich. What was comical and reminded me very much of the Fox and the Crow fable, I shooed the ravens away with my left hand, which was also holding the baguette sandwich. After three or four waves of my hand, the salmon and avocado, flew out much to the delight of the ravens, who promptly put these large pieces in their mouth, and flew off squawking with happiness. I laughed at the stupidity of my actions, but put it all down to experience. I got up and walked back and met twenty twentysomethings running up and down to 50 steps as part of their exercising. I was just about to have anxious thoughts about how I was going to walk up these steps and avoid all these testerone pumping guys when the leader, amongst his words of encouragement to the runners, told them all to avoid the man walking up the steps. And then he smiles at me, and I was so grateful and happy for him. And that’s when I felt the fog lifting.

My favourite fountain of hope

I came back and remembered that I had booked a session with Smile to improve my energy levels via magnetism. I’m looking out of the window I saw Two, maybe three green macaw parrots. That filled me with a lot of nostalgia as this was the symbol of my school boarding house, and then Smile work his magic, and with the Sun shining. I decided it was time to sort out the two outstanding tasks for the holidays with Heloise and Orlando. I also packed, wrote this blog, while delivering muscle and nerve stimulation to my hand via the Saebo.

Funny old day. Off to Antibes tomorrow to see Charlotte and celebrate Nick’s birthday. Spur of the moment trip. Guess who is smiling. I am so happy for my brother and his wife in Turkey and the fact that they can restart their retreat with no need to keep one eye looking over their shoulders.

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