#420 So…In Need of Inspiration

Some absent minded thoughts that are doing the rounds in my head.


Meditation is the art of getting out of our own way. Resting a while in the present, in the world as it is.

Lucky meditating


Worthiness means that regardless of who you are, what you own or what you do, you belong. You are deserving of love and care, recognition and respect. It’s all too easy to lose faith in our worthiness. Everyone has worthiness.


So often we don’t think we are good enough or don’t measure up. When we face challenges in our lives like a traumatic event the like of what happened to me, it can feel we are less deserving, less valuable to the people around us. It can seem that we have lost our worthiness.

Yet worthiness is inherent in each person. It can never be taken from us. But we can forget this truth and this can make the heartaches and painful points in our lives all the more painful.

How can or do we remind ourselves of our own worthiness when we have fallen into doubt and shame? One way is to use your imagination to picture yourself as a child. A child does not have to earn the right to be loved. When you look into that child’s soulful blinking eyes, we view them as precious and we are compelled to care for them. Inspired to love them unconditionally. We instantly see their worthiness , I think it’s profound and unchanging.

When it comes to ourselves, that is so difficult to do. So the next time you lose sight of your own worthiness, try imagining yourself as a small child, pull out an old photograph and imagine being held most tenderly with love and care. When you are small, there is no standard that you need to measure up to, nothing you need to accomplish . Your worthiness shines like a bright light even though you are vulnerable and dependent on others. You are complete and perfect just the way you are.

“When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.” Brené Brown

If we get clear about and understand what really matters, what lifts us up, we can use that as our North Star. A way to bring order into our lives

Clearing the clutter

Take an item, hold it, see if it sparks joy, if it doesn’t, out it goes. It’s about how to weave our values into our choices, gaining clarity on what should stay and what should go, releasing what is not serving us and keeping with intention things that matter. Assess why each item is in our lives and what energy it brings. It can be an opportunity for celebration, for building consciously the life we want.

The things you hold onto are more significant than the items you ditch. It’s about what you surround yourself with PHYSICALLY MENTALLY RELATIONSHIP WISE, HABIT WISE, VALUE WISE.

Look into your mind, is that thought full of joy? If so, sit with it for a while. If not, let it go like clouds floating away in the sky.

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