#404 So…Merry Go Round

It just takes so long. I go around around and around. That makes me more anxious. And I am anxious already. More perturbed. And I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a not so good thing that I never give up. It is just so incredibly time-consuming and always seems to be on the back of a bad night or several bad nights sleep. And I am having difficulty sleeping at the moment but more of that later. This merry-go-round is also my strong point. It’s a never give up, never say die attitude. Always looking and trying to find a way! In the end, it works out. I finally remember the password by going through the multiple Google checks ad infinitum across multiple devices. The iPad, the phone and the computer. Despite them all being Apple. I acknowledge that it is right to be wary of society and to have multiple protective layers in evidence. It is a shame that we are now in a more distrusting society. still, I will concentrate on the areas that I can influence and exert some form of control. My own domain, my own perimeter, my own bubble. But it is excruciatingly tiring to be continually taking over an hour just to get going. But the never say die attitude has worked and I am in now but it’s time to leave. Brilliant!

I’ve just been swimming and I’m enjoying it so much more every time. As I am going very often, Many of the lifesaving staff know me by site which is really rewarding and boosts the morale. Even the infamous Joel was there, Very happy and forever laughing and making jokes. It was he who said that one of the life-saving staff was asking where I was as I have not been seen for a few days. Instinctively, I turned to her and said I’m going to give you a kiss. But it’s all harmless fun, especially as she was on her life-saving station which was seven steps higher than me. So we just pretended to give each other a kiss on each cheek from afar. But it is what makes the experience so much more fun and enjoyable. Having people who I know and who know me, really makes it worthwhile to keep coming back and carrying out the mundane swimming exercises. And I continue to improve little by little. But always with a smile on my face.

I then went to the post office and then I met Madame Barets, whom I have not seen for a month or so. And she absolutely had to talk to me and tell me of her experience at the beginning of January. She caught COVID-19 and she had to be hospitalised three times in the space of 10 days. The first time, she fell down and hit her head and she had to go to the nearest and local hospital to have stitches. This local hospital currently does not have a very good reputation and treated Madame Barets as a number rather than as a person. No compassion for the fact that she was a pênsioner in her 80s (A gentleman never asks a lady her age!) She was tested for COVID-19 positively but was allowed to go home and self isolate. The next day, she was in the bathroom and fell over and bumped her head again. But not wanting to get up, she waited until her cleaner arrived and helped her to her feet. Instead of going to the same hospital again, she decided to go to a geriatrics hospital which was a considerable distance away that would be more amenable and caring to her so she thought. She stayed there for two days and on the second day she received a frozen meal! She had to read that because there was nothing else and it was absolutely disgusting. And while she was in this hospital, she fell over for the third time next to the bed. She could not stop laughing today in recounting these sorry tales.

For me, it put things into perspective when an 80-year-old falls over three times, goes to hospital three times, has six stitches, a frozen meal and still sees the funny side of these events. that is someone after my own heart!

Suffice to say, the day got better and better and coincidentally so did the weather!

And finally, I came across this vibe (not quite sure what that is), but it was a list of 10 elements that spoke very much too me and putting myself in my life into perspective

I love this


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