#399 So…The Blame Game

The blame game is something that we are really good at. It almost comes naturally. I certainly know how to do my share of blaming on myself. But there is a solution, and I’m learning that is more important to focus on defining and resolving the problem, and finding a solution rather than pointing the finger and attributing blame. It’s good advice as it means that you don’t stay in the difficult situation of circling like a vulture looking for its prey. It’s much more productive to understand and resolve the problem and move on.

By not focusing on who what why, I can concentrate on moving forward, on defining and even resolving the problem. Which in itself allows me to free up the space to define and appreciate new elements in my day. Hence my appreciation of my walk in the mimosa heartland, near Cannes, France. With the common sight of a phenomenal blue sky as a backdrop, all I could see on this wonderful walk with Charlotte was the bright yellow mimosa flowers.

It changes all perspectives and creates freshness and the feeling of being alive.

I find myself in cloudy and somewhat gloomy Sceaux, having fallen yet again while climbing up some wet and slippery steps after a marathon time in the swimming pool as well as walking around the park. I can see the funny side of it but in all seriousness it’s that dangerous time of year when the slippery steps or stones from the rain make it increasingly difficult to climb or descend safely.

I was walking up the steps, very tired, which perhaps I should not be doing in my condition and in their condition. But, always in keeping with the positive side of things, as I miss my foot and started to fall backwards (a feeling of déjà vu), I was in my slow motion state where I had incredible clarity. While falling backwards, I was able to hop back down using my left foot to stop me from falling onto the stone steps. My sole objective was to get back down to terra firma which I did. But I did not think about what would happen next. Not having the momentum of hopping down the stairs, I continued to fall and landed on my back with my head smashing into the ground one second later. I let out enormous scream of pain that was heard by no one. They were some men on my left cheering a game of bowls, While on my right three guys were playing with their telephones absorbed in the air sharing of a game or some funny video on social media. So I gingerly got up and walked very slowly to my flat where I promptly lay down to rest.

I am writing this 24 hours later and I still have pains in my leg and my elbow. My head hurts but I am alive, smiling and happy that I have a kids for a week for the holidays.

Obviously, stair stepping has taken on a new meaning and been promoted to another level. Big lesson learned about how you can’t do everything all at once in one day. Not even me! Shall Charlotte keeps saying to me, “One little step at a time!”

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