#387 So…What a New Year

Probably one of the best. Certainly that I can remember. Spent amongst family and friends, there was so much merriment, laughter and enjoyment that as I am writing this returning on the train to Paris, I can’t but feel a bit sad to be leaving.

But the sadness is a result of the enormous energy and vitality that our family generates. And this New Year was like a perfect storm. One that was so very enjoyable because all the participants contributed to the max. And I mean everyone. There were no exceptions. It’s like a whirlwind of frenzied spontaneity that is enrobed in gaiety that just knows no bounds. Awesome 👏.

And the majority of the time it was due to the fact that we were about 20 around a festive table, all eager to contribute to making the meals wonderfully entertaining.

As is the tradition in Holland, you are allowed to set off fireworks anytime on 31 December and 1 January as long as you do not endanger yourself and others personal health , and that you clear up your mess the following day. I have never seen such incredible fireworks that just kept on coming. The Wiersum’s did everyone proud. Champagne bottles were opened with a sabre sharp enough to put the fear of god into anyone. Cigars were smoked by the men and some of the women including the youngest adult 👩

Red Right Hand. Mr Peaky Blinder himself
Butter and cigars wouldn’t melt in her mouth
Didn’t Chris deBurgh sing about Ladies in…errr…..blue?
Where’s Lucky?
Big Sis with the Terrible Twins
The baton has been passed to the terrible duo.

There are so many other good photos, but will save those for the family.

We had the youngest members telling jokes that would shock anyone, cameo songs by all the women singing Hotel California by the Eagles, Dave, me and Alain performing an unforgettable rendition of Suspicious Minds by the King and a round of National Anthems from France and Holland amongst others. All washed down with fine French wines and cocktails and an amazing Fondue Chinoise that was even made suitable for myself and Charlotte as we are Pescatarians.

Now that’s what I call Fireworks

And then we all retired to the Sherlock pub. But retire we did not, as the karaoke was in full swing. Led by the youngest generation, they became more and more adamant that they could belt out all songs like “Wake me up before you go-go” as loud as possible. The only possible downside was that as more alcohol was consumed, the more vociferous they became.

Wake me Up

There were a few casualties including me, being pushed backwards by eager people trying to get to the bar. It was another moment where I fell in slow motion. Backwards. Nothing I can do but try and protect my arm and leg. This time, to no avail. I was going down. Caught up in a ball of scarves that had fallen off a chair and were on the floor. I would have smacked my head on the cold wet stone floor if it had not have been for the quick reactions of Christine who managed to break my fall. 🙏🙏

It took 45-60 minutes to walk back to the Airbnb where we were staying. Normally it’s a 10 minute walk but there was a hell of a wind that I was being blown backwards. I literally couldn’t walk for the pain in my leg and arm but we made it.

We made it home for 6am and promptly fell asleep. It was a slow day on January 1, 2023 but following a very enjoyable day and evening and night to celebrate the last day of 2023, I was very happy 😃.

Thank you 🙏 2022. Let’s have a great 2023. I feel it will be a decisive year in many respects. Let’s enjoy it and see where the unbelievable and incredible journey continues to take me.

I can’t wait 😜

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