#385 So…Looking Forward not Back

You cannot change the past so you just need to accept it as it is. Live with it. Like it. Love it for what it is. For where it has brought you. Even if there is pain and sadness. You cannot change the past. But you can live in the present and it can and will shape your future.

I saw the green parrot today. Flying so freely and with such determination. It fills me with such confidence every time I see it or them. Hope and determination wash over me in abundance. Even when I’m in the midst of despair, which happens pretty much every day, many times during the same day. But I’m able to look for the symbols or the signs that pick me up and keep me going. The green macaw parrot is exactly that. It picks me up and it keeps me going.

Fabulous sky in Sceaux

And at this time , I was getting ready to go swimming. And for some reason, I started to recite my affirmations. And in particular this one: “I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that is creating resistance to my good. I deserve to ski, I deserve to publish my book. And I accept it now.”

Now I am back from skiing and so I don’t need to concentrate or focus on skiing, so I put all the emphasis into the idea of becoming a writer. “I deserve to publish my book and I accept it now.”

I finally arrived at the pool a little bit later than usual. I noticed that it was very empty. There was practically nobody there. So I went about my swimming exercises and it was while I was doing my exercises with my aqua dumbbells, as I do at the end of every length, that I was approached by a woman inquiring about the dumbbells I was using. She was interested for her husband.

My dumbbells

And that’s where it started. There was something about her that drew me to her. I wanted to speak to her more.

I have found out she was a twin, American and had a knack of bringing different people together. Her twin, like her, was writing (or has written) a book, this time about her life with cancer and how it had affected her.

But, the most incredible thing, is that both women are using or have been working with an editor to help edit, and publish their stories on Amazon. And Edy, for that was her name, said that she would love to meet me again, and spend some time getting to know me as well as introducing me to this American editor, who specialises in bringing to stories to life. Stories that capture the public’s attention. Inspirational stories of men and women who in the face of adversity have managed to find a way through the darkness and come out the other side successfully. Edy is a truly inspirational and remarkable woman.

So now I am waiting for the call and I am hoping beyond all hope that she does call.

Even if she does not, it has lit up something inside of me, that is like lighting a fire. I have a purpose.

Let’s see what happens!

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