#384 So…The End of the Beginning

So what a wonderful last day! Sun shining, skies super blue, there’s even a fresh breeze blowing. It’s about as close to paradise as you can get it. And I’m here living it all with Charlotte and the 3 adolescents, Héloïse Orlando and Winton. Wonderful memories!

We all had such a wonderful fondue and raclette meal last night in Auron. The restaurant was homely and warm, with a very friendly owner. Charlotte and I had a four cheese fondue while the adolescents matter how you look nohad a rattle it with a full on meat accompaniment. Everybody ate everything.

We have had a restful afternoon after skiing in the rain and snow of the morning. And the afternoon comprised of most people napping and Winton and Orlando discussing the benefits of protein and how to increase muscle capacity.

Even I am astounded in the amount of progress that I have made when I look back at what I was doing on the ski slope on Sunday and what I was doing today, Thursday. Chalk and cheese, rain and snow, the difference is incredible, even if I say so, myself. It’s very gratifying to have such a wonderful, compassionate and motivational teacher, and Jean-Baptiste is one of those amazingly generous and inspirational people that are so rare in life. He is now a member of this blog community so he will have updates from me. Quite simply he has been inspirational in my getting on skis and progressing. As he would say, “That was top Mike, really top!” I mean, I even went on a tier fesse which in English is a drag lift. The last time I did that was on a snowboard over 5 years ago and I fell off all the time, so it is yet another example of conquering a fear. And it was not a problem, I didn’t fall and now have a resurgence in confidence. Thank you JB!

So it’s been a real eye-opening experience for me. This week. To be amongst my friends and family, people who I care about a lot, and not to feel jealous and upset that they are able to do their thing. I’m so happy that they had such a wonderful time. I really am.

To be able to be amongst them and sharing in their enjoyment and happiness, even though I’m not a part of it is actually very rewarding for me. I mean I don’t need to have the famous FOMO. Fear of missing out. I am ok with what I am doing and also in the fun and enjoyment being experienced by the others. Now that’s progress!!

And we have shared in each other’s wonderful moments of ecstasy, and thrills. And that’s so important. To be able to 100% share in each other’s experience.

Everyone appears to be knocked out having spent a very rewarding and engaging day and week together.

And I haven’t stopped smiling all week. Onwards and upwards together with smiles everywhere!

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