#383 So…Still Alive Just

The fourth day of the skiing extravaganza, and it was yet another beautiful day with wonderful skies and great snow skiing. I have progressed enormously and I am really enjoying the experience.

However, the experience does come with its pitfalls. A couple of times I was very close to falling or just being almost totally out of control!

But it did happen. It was always going to. It was how I reacted to it that was important. For me.

Scary thing was the big fall that I had right at the end of my lesson. It was such a good day and I made huge amounts of progress. My confidence was soaring very high. That is the most dangerous time. You relax and you try things that you wouldn’t normally do. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

I thought that I could go faster and do tighter turns. But this wasn’t the case, and I found myself speeding out of control flying down the mountain. I attempted a turn to break my speed, and immediately one of my legs buckled underneath me and I ended up in a crumpled heap.

In a bit of pain to say the least, Jean-Baptiste rushed to free my leg from the ski 🎿 so I could at least park my leg. And breathe. My issue was that it was my not so good leg. Ouch!

But in true English fashion, and with Jean Baptiste helping me, I got back onto my skis and finished the slope, and then collapsed into a heap in the sofa of the nearest bar.

A smiling heap

Okay, I was able to survive that, but the rest of the day got a little bit worse as the cramps and pain were exacerbated due to the cold and sitting still. And so to warm myself up, Charlotte and Elena joined me in a vin chaud which was the beginning of the end! Well not exactly! But I have not had an alcoholic drink for a very long time and although it had zero effect, it caused no end of problems for my leg. It cramped up intolerably. We went to Elena’s to eat, and fortunately Elena is a really good physio and she, with the help of Charlotte tried to ease the pain.

We took the car home and after having been given some acupuncture and some cranial therapy by Charlotte. I finally managed to get some sleep and felt better in the morning. Much better!

And today it was very foggy with rain and some bits of snow falling intermittently making conditions for skiing very difficult. For my punishment, I had another ski lesson with John Baptiste and very casually and very sensibly we went through the motions of improving my technique, all the time conscious of the fact that I had crashed the day before and my leg is still sore for skiing. But Kent’s never give up and I actually enjoyed the session and was suitably tired afterwards. But always smiling. Of course!!

Rain and snow are coming

Life can be viewed as a whole series of setbacks, which come at us from all directions. But it’s how you treat them that really makes the difference.

As Jean-Baptiste said, “Falling and crashing, it’s part of skiing.”

I tend to agree!

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