#382 So…The Happy Place

Third day of skiing. Still alive. Still smiling massively. It’s such a thrill and so enjoyable and so liberating.

Another beautiful day in paradise, and I went skiing again with Jean Baptiste. He is so full of encouragement and fills me with enormous amounts of confidence. And the progress just keeps on progressing. Awesome.

There is a ski instructor called Veronica, who says to me every morning while I’m waiting for Jean Baptiste to give her a kiss on the cheek because that will bring me luck all day.

And so far it is working 😎🙏⛷️

3rd day of learning how to ski

I am doing snowplough and parallel turns on both sides, I am able to slide down a mountain side doing dérapage which is sliding down the mountain in a controlled fashion without falling. I even had a fall which is all part and parcel of the learning experience. And isn’t it just a massive learning experience!

I’m so happy, the kids are enjoying their time together as well, and Charlotte is also enjoying the time with her best friend Elena, as well as Winton as well as filming me from time to time which is an enormous surprise 😦.

Sunset on the mountains
Beauty on the piste
Wonderful memories
Jean Baptiste and me

What’s really good is it we have all found our spaces in which to be ourselves and still make time to meet up with the others and hear about their exploits it’s lovely. Héloïse and Charlotte are skiing together now. Winton has gone off with Orlando to do crazy stuff. Elena is doing her snowboarding stuff with Scarlett while Luke, Elena’s son, is in ski school. I am resting from my exploits from having been on the slopes and a doing more and more skiing. It’s just so exhilarating.

Wonderful memories and wonderful moments ⛷️🤩🙏

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