#381 So…Little Steps at a Time

Big time! Day two of the snow experience. I’m still alive very much alive. And smiling as I continue to make progress.

I was in total ecstasy yesterday, and following the defeat of France in the World Cup final by Argentina, which I’m very pleased for Messi and his last foray into history books as this is his last World Cup before retiring, and MMbappé was the leading scorer.

Could the second day be anywhere close to the first day? I sincerely doubted it, but as the lessons have been reserved, I went for it.

It was not as cold is it today, but I did have a few aches and pains. But progress was made. Maybe I’m more impatient than I should be and the memory issue does cause a few issues as I am not able really to remember the steps in detail

But progress was made. Jean-Baptiste, my fantastic instructor, is so full of encouragement that it is impossible not to smile and grow in confidence. I even ask him is he being true and he replies that he only tells me how he sees it. And he sees progress all the time ⛷️🥳

I told him he was the most phenomenal instructor ever and so generous with his compliments. He smiled as well. So we were two smiling men going down the slopes.

Now turning by myself

I am even turning by myself and we went up twice on the télésiège. And I didn’t fall once! Am now resting and waiting for Héloïse and Orlando and Charlotte and Winton. Elena and family are coming today so will be fun.

I am so happy to be keeping on progressing!! It’s so motivating and inspires me with more and more confidence.

Nice!! In my own time, I am being sensible for the first time! And I am absolutely ok with that!

Happy 😃

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