#379 So…Less is More

What are my values? So what are my rocks? If I can have four values, I would choose honesty, integrity, loyalty and courage.

Honesty. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. Not trying to impress, not trying to say what I think wants to be said. That was the Michael before. I really try hard to think before I speak. Sometimes it doesn’t work out! It’s like taking the extra two seconds amounts to the equivalent of a deep breath. It gives me space and time to think and then I try and speak. Believe it or not, I think I’m speaking less now because I am thinking more about what I want to say. Trust goes hand-in-hand with honesty and clearly needs to be earned. That is why consistency of honesty is absolutely paramount.

Integrity. I listened to a podcast sometime ago where it was mentioned that it is important to align one’s thoughts and actions: the exterior with the interior. Sounds obvious but we don’t all do it. I didn’t used to do this. The difference between what you do and what you plan to do. It is aligned with honesty and maybe it is the consistency of approach that is prevalent here. Suffice to say, being consistent internally and externally produces a complete and wholesome me. No bullshit. WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get. This is ongoing work for me and I don’t think you can ever be finished because I’m so conscious of nipping these inconsistencies in the bud. We shall see.

Loyalty. Unwavering, being there when you need them as much as being there when they need you. Nothing is too small. This is a value that I treasure because throughout my life, I have travelled across different countries, continents and met many different people from all walks of life. That is the difference between pre-accident and post accident. Now in my simplified life, people mean so much to me and I give 100% of my time in self to getting to know them deeper and consciously. That gives me richness in conversation with them and makes me smile knowing that I have people either to call on, or who want to call on me, for help, guidance, support, friendship or just to listen. Who would’ve thought that I would say that I am more of a listener now? Funny how times change

Courage. This is something that I think is in my DNA, it’s my primary value. I have never really lacked courage. Even in the apparent face of fear, which I have in abundance, I have an innate ability to just do it. To just get on with it. To just cross the chasm. Even my motto of “Kent’s never give up” speaks to my courage. This is a very useful trait given my current circumstances following the accident. This is sometimes offset with impatience. Many times actually. That’s for another day and another story.

There is an enormous benefit in writing these values because it makes me focused and conscious of where I continue to place a lot of my efforts if not all my efforts.

Onwards and Upwards Together. Believe!

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