#362 So…Sunday Sunday

My favourite view

Calmness personified. Beautifully picturesque. The ocean depicting, countless dreams. Scattered sailing boats serenely enjoying their private moments. A pigeon nestles into an opening of the stone wallis while a cormorant is perched on top of rocks, weathering the onrushing waves. Beautiful 🤩.

Pigeon perched in a familiar place
Enjoying the view

This serenity puts me in a very peaceful state of mind and serves once more to elaborate on my meditation practice earlier. Or does it enrich? Probably the latter.

I’ve been for a lovely walk with Charlotte in the grounds of Abramovich’s mansion on the Cap d’Antibes. So incredibly peaceful with nobody around and only Charlotte and I to experience this wonderful moment together..

Abramovich’s palatial gardens

I am sitting on my bench, looking out to the sea dreamily. The Sun is going down and it’s time to move on. I’m thinking all the time about my project and how it can manifest itself. If I was a Painter, this would be a painter’s paradise. I’ll see if I can turn it into a Reuters paradise.

Onwards and forever upwards together

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