#360 So…Fade to Grey

Visage Fade to Grey

So to be straight, the memories and the memories are surely coming back

Who would’ve thought this monumental time classic actually has as a significant other meaning for me today. What a title Fade to Grey. It reminds me of my memory, fading, as I get older but the band Visage which is French for Face which also reminds me of my pre frontal cortex memory difficulty. But then again, I’m not sure where the bleed took place. I think it was on the right side of my brain, but it does seem that the immediate memory pathways have been affected. Moving on please.

In a new space I am, says Yoda I am 😂. I am very hard on myself and I am consistently challenging my memory and memories to deliver. I have just come out of a session with my favourite psychoanalyst, Carol, (she is my favourite, because she is my only one) and despite my talking the hind legs off a donkey, which is a very curious expression in its self.

In the session, clearly, although what is clear is not clear, is that I waxed lyrical (lots of weird expressions coming to the fore at the moment) on about many different topics and things and sometimes at the same time. And I have left feeling that my life is making a little more sense. Springs to mind a Talking Heads favourite of mine “stop making sense”

Talking Heads classic with David Byrne in an all time classic suit

Where is it all going? Every time I pick up my phone so to speak. I am in a different room in mind and so there is a feeling of not being full of continuity. I paused because I didn’t know what the opposite of continuity was. Maybe it’s discontinuity? Whatever!

Suffice to say the feeling is passed, and I have subsequently learned that the planets have misaligned a bit and the last couple of days until the beginning of next week. There is likely to be blockages, periods of confusion and conflict and possibly even denial. How does this manifest itself?

That’s another post as I am already late for my session with Emma. Forest bathing here I come.

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